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February 19, 2009

Do you know how to find what’s selling on Amazon.com?

Both seasoned Sellers and new Sellers have their own method of selecting products they plan to sell on Amazon.com, but have you ever thought about checking the products that are selling on Amazon.com already? If you are looking to increase sales, and visibility on Amazon.com then it’s worth taking the time.

Often sellers may choose the items that are sold based on what sells in brick and mortar stores or on other online sites. From my experience, what is popular elsewhere doesn’t always translate to what is popular on Amazon.com. This seems about as basic as it gets, but knowing what the Amazon.com buyers are purchasing is important. It is also important to understand that Amazon.com customers are not like many other online consumers.

With the holidays being mostly over, it is a great time to take a few moments and look at what sells well on Amazon. It is pretty quick, easy and involves just a little browsing on Amazon.com. Start by going to the categories that you sell in and browse to some sub categories and sort by Bestsellers. Once you get to the results sorted by Bestselling, take a look at the detail page of the top items.


Ask yourself these questions:

• What is the Amazon.com Sales Rank?
• Does the product have good customer reviews?
• Is this product something that customers prefer to buy online instead of going to the local store?
• Could the related and accessory products tied to the bestselling product be good to add to your inventory?

If you are not selling the most popular products in your category, ask yourself if it would be beneficial to do so; sometimes it isn’t. Consider selling that item is viable for you price and volume wise as well as your business model.

While diversity of products and listing items that can be hard to find outside of Amazon.com is great for the selection on site, specialty items could appeal to a small selection of our customers. By adding one or more of the more popular items to your inventory that have a high Sales Rank and good customer reviews, you have a higher chance of increasing your company’s visibility and sales. All it takes is a little research to see what customers are interested in, with a bit of trial and error to see what will work best for your company.



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