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February 18, 2009

Encouraging Feedback in the Selling on Amazon Program

A great question came up as to how to encourage feedback. For those members of the Selling on Amazon program, there is an excellent topic on this in Seller Central help titled Improving Your Feedback Rating. In addition to the excellent information about reducing negative feedback, with the usual causes and solutions, the help topic includes the following section on Soliciting Feedback:

There are a number of places where you can solicit positive feedback from customers:

  • The packing slip
  • The order invoice
  • The Contact Buyer form in Manage Orders (Subject: "Feedback Request")

However you decide to encourage feedback, be sure to mention both your merchant feedback rating and product reviews. For example, you might want to include a message such as this one on your customer communications:

"Thank you for purchasing our products on Amazon.com. We strive to offer you the best value and service possible. Please take a moment to rate us as a seller on the Amazon.com website. You also can write a product review for other customers. Here's how..."

Buyer feedback instructions

To rate you as a merchant, customers can do the following:

1.    Go to Amazon.com.
2.    At the top of the page, click Your Account.
3.    At Orders, click Leave seller feedback in the More Order Actions section.

Reviewing a product

To rate and review a product, a customer can do the following:

1.    Open the product detail page.
2.    Under Customer Reviews, click Create your own review.

Amazon.com performance management systems do take buyer feedback into account. More good information is found at the help topic titled View My Customer Feedback, with information about ratings and using the feedback manager. Additionally, there is a video tutorial titled Understanding Customer Metrics that incorporates feedback and other performance measures.

Note: Be aware of Amazon's policies regarding buyer contacts. Do not coerce buyers to leave feedback in any way, and never divert a buyer to your own website. To be sure you are clear on these, a full explanation can be found at Policies.

Cathi C.


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