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June 17, 2009

Announcing Charge When Ship

Learn more and sign up for Charge When Ship!

We are pleased to announce Charge When Ship, an easy way to process orders and keep buyers informed about shipments. All sellers will be using Charge When Ship soon, so we encourage you to learn more and sign up right away.

Here are a few benefits to consider when signing up for Charge When Ship:

  • Buyers contact sellers less often if they know when and how an order was shipped. They especially appreciate tracking information. We provide the shipping details to the buyer once you ship the order and confirm the shipment through Manage Orders or a feed.

  • Informed buyers are happier buyers; happier buyers leave better feedback ratings. 

  • If you are unable to ship an order, you can cancel it instead of confirming shipment; we won't charge the customer and you won't have to issue a refund.

  • You can easily tell which orders you have not yet confirmed as shipped, and we'll also send you an e-mail reminder if an order remains unshipped past the promised ship date.

To learn more, please visit our FAQ or watch our video.


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Is amazon still going to pay me when I ship it out and then the buyer has a declined credit card?

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