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February 09, 2010

Do I have to refund this order?

When a buyer wants to return an order, you will want to know what the policies are. The following are a few frequently asked questions Seller Support receives, and answers to help you navigate the refund process.

Q: Do I have to refund this order?

A: If it is within 30 days of the order, then yes, you must accept a return and issue a refund.

Q: Who pays for return shipping of an order?

A: This is completely left up to you, the seller. Returns and refunds provide an opportunity to have your customer service shine. If you choose to pay for the return shipping, you can either provide a pre-paid shipping label to the buyer, or you can initiate a concession through the order management page in your seller account. For your own protection, be sure to process all financial transactions with buyers through Marketplace Payments.

Q: The buyer initiated an A-to-z Guarantee claim (or a chargeback with their credit card company). Should I still refund?

A: Follow the instructions provided to you by the A-to-z Guarantee claim team or the chargeback team. Ultimately, we want buyers to be happy, but we also want to make sure duplicate refunds are not initiated. Please keep the A-to-z Guarantee claim team or the chargeback team informed of any actions you plan to take, and send them any questions you have regarding the claim or chargeback.

Q: Do I refund before or after I receive the returned order?

A: When to refund is left up to you. We have found that some sellers like to refund a portion in good faith and the rest after the item is returned to them. Others wait until the item is returned. If you refund an order before you receive the return, there is nothing Amazon can do to make the buyer return the item. So decide when to issue the refund based on the particular situation.

Have more questions?

The exact and up-to-date policy is written out in the Participation Agreement, also known as the "Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement" which was agreed to when you signed up for selling on Amazon.com. You can find the document by searching for "agreement" in your seller account Help.



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