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February 23, 2010

Why did my listing move from open to closed?

Q:  Why did my item move from the open to closed listings section of my seller account? Should I re-list it?

 A:  Please do not re-list this item in your inventory; it automatically moved from open to closed listings due to an order being placed, but you will not see the order on your orders page if it is still pending. Orders can be pending because we may still be in the process of validating the buyer’s payment method. As soon as it has been validated, a "Sold, ship now" notification will be sent to you and the order will be readily viewable in your seller account. If the payment method is not validated, the order will be canceled and your inventory will automatically be added back to your open listings. While an order is pending, it is not in a shippable status and should not be shipped, even if the customer contacts you directly. Pending orders will not have confirm and cancel buttons in the Manage Orders section of your account, and they will not appear in Order Reports or Unshipped Orders Reports.

To view pending orders, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your seller account.
  2. Go to the orders section.
  3. In the Search section at the top of the page, click the "Advanced Search" link. You will see a page with multiple search options. The default order display is for the last 3 days.
  4. Click the "Include pending orders" checkbox.
  5. Pending orders will appear in gray in order of the purchase date within your search results. In the status column, the order will be listed as Pending.

Once an order is in a shippable status, the confirm and cancel buttons will appear in Manage Orders and the order will be included in your order reports. At that point, the order should be shipped and the shipment confirmed in Manage Orders or with a feed.

For more information about searching for and viewing orders, please access the Help section of your seller account and search for “Manage Orders.”



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