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September 22, 2010

Logging Amazon MWS Request Information Allows for a Better Support Experience

When you use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) to make requests, Amazon MWS generates a RequestId, which is a unique identifier for each request that is returned in the response. A RequestId looks like this: a555ef03-d2c1-4f42-bae1-e82aee7488c6. The RequestId is appended to each line of the Amazon MWS log for that request.

All requests made using Amazon MWS are required to contain the Timestamp parameter, which is the timestamp of when the request is sent.

As a best practice for using Amazon MWS, make sure that you’re logging both the RequestId that is returned in the response, and the Timestamp used in the request. Logging the time of the request allows the Amazon MWS support team to narrow down the time window of the call and expedite the support process.

If you then need to contact the Amazon MWS support team about your request, you can submit a Contact-Us at In the comments section of the contact form, be sure to include the RequestId and the Timestamp so the Amazon MWS support team can efficiently search the logs to locate your request in order to give you information about the problem.

It’s also important to realize that each different type of Amazon MWS request will return both a RequestId and a separate type of request ID that is unique to the various Amazon MWS operations. For example, when using the ReportRequest operation, the response will contain both a ReportRequestId and a RequestId. Likewise, there are feed submission IDs and Report IDs. Make sure it’s the RequestId that you’re including in your contact, as that’s the important ID for debugging purposes. Here’s a sample response for a call to ReportRequest. Note the difference between the ReportRequestId and the RequestId.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RequestReportResponse xmlns="">

















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