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November 05, 2010

Are your account settings, account information, and policies up to date?

Leaf As a seller on Amazon, you have a lot going on during the holidays. Save yourself unnecessary future headaches by making sure the information on your seller account is current:

  • Make sure your e-mail contact information is up-to-date.
  • Confirm that Amazon e-mail is not being filtered as spam by your e-mail program or ISP.
  • Ensure your Seller Account Information is current, including your credit card and bank account numbers.
  • Verify that your Store Settings are up-to-date and post a customer service phone number if possible.
  • Be sure to follow policy by not displaying any portion or version of your URL (e.g.: .com, dot com, .net, etc.) anywhere on Amazon.

Learn more about settings and our selling and item policies.


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Just have to say I love the new label printing capability, where it makes a PDF of the label and we can choose which side of the page to print it on! Now that sales are increasing for the holidays (so far so good, anyway), it makes printing my shipping labels a much faster process -- just in time for the holiday buying season!!

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