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February 15, 2011

Check out the new Amazon MWS Orders API

The new Orders API section of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) has some great things you might want to take advantage of.  With these new operations you can manage orders more precisely or perform order research on your account.


For example, with real time order data you can synchronize Amazon order data with order data in your local system. You can get order details for researching issues and answering customer questions. You can also get order status data on your Amazon orders so you can fulfill your orders using your own fulfillment system.


The order data you can retrieve using the Orders API section can also be brought into a custom application to perform business analysis. For example you could:

  • Find SKUs with high or low sales volumes
  • Monitor sales trends by SKU
  • Find unexpected changes in sales trends by SKU
  • Find SKUs that have been in a given state for too long


Now, with real time access to your order data, working with orders just got a lot easier. Note that the new Orders API section is for order querying. If you need bulk order data, be sure to use the operations in the Reports API section that you've always used.


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