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September 20, 2011

September 22 changes to Google Product Search data requirements

Comparison shopping engines are an important source of traffic and revenue for many e-commerce websites.

As a convenience to our sellers (and with no additional charges), Amazon Webstore submits Webstore product listings to Google Product Search and, two leading comparison shopping engines that do not currently charge any listing fees or sales commissions.

Google has announced that beginning September 22, 2011, products will require additional attributes, including sales tax information, to be listed in Google Product Search results. A simple page is now available in Seller Central where sales tax settings for Google Product Search can be entered with a few clicks. Sellers using Amazon Webstore can reach this page by navigating to the Control Panel, expanding "General Webstore Settings", and then clicking "Comparison Shopping Engine Feeds". Webstore by Amazon Sellers can reach this page by navigating to WEBSTORE DESIGN, clicking on Traffic Manager, and then clicking on "Advertise on Comparison Shopping Engines" page.

Beginning September 22, 2011 items that do not have sales tax information may no longer appear in Google Product Search results. Enter your Google Product Search tax settings soon or your Webstore may no longer receive traffic from this popular comparison shopping engine.


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