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December 01, 2011

Webstore Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including your customers. Use our list of tips to make it easy for customers to find your products and site, view your best deals, and find all the information they need to make confident purchasing decisions.

Holiday Selling Tips:

  1. Get the word out! Reach out to your social networks and e-mail list; generate buzz about your holiday offerings.
  2. Make your products easy to find: The holidays are a great time to sell on Amazon and comparison shopping engines, Amazon Webstore makes both easy!
  3. Promote! Holiday shoppers expect deals. Free shipping options or promotions (like “free shipping on all orders over $100”) are always popular. Dollars off, percentage off, and “buy x, get y” can also work well. Highlight your best deals on your home page and other popular landing pages if not site-wide. A regularly updated “deal of the day” or “sale” category are great ways to keep customers coming back to your site.
  4. Make a good first impression: Focus your merchandising efforts on making your home page, key category pages, and other popular landing pages look great. Slow pages drive customers away, so avoid heavy merchandising that slows key pages down.
  5. Clear messaging: During the holidays customers are overwhelmed with messaging. Effective merchandising and promotional text is descriptive and accurate while being brief, to the point, and with a clear call to action. Keep things simple and easy to understand, avoid repetition, and don’t mix messages.
  6. Offer fast and free shipping: Fast shipping and free shipping are always important, but especially during the holiday season. Eliminate shipping cost from the buying decision by making it free. Customers need to know their gifts will arrive on time. Provide clear, site-wide messaging around delivery timeframes, shipping cut-off dates, and contact information.
  7. Returns: Returns are part of the holiday experience. Make sure your return policy is available on your website and very clear, especially about any limitations.
  8. Get your servers tuned and ready for more traffic?!? Don’t worry, we have that covered for you!

Happy Selling!

The Amazon Webstore Team


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