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January 26, 2012

Amazon Products Ads: Reports

Product Ads sellers have access to two types of reports: Product Reports and Performance Reports.

Product Reports

Product Reports help you identify products that are not being advertised on Amazon due to processing errors or violations of the Product Ads Content Guidelines. There are two kinds of Product Reports:

1. Processing report: This report is generated automatically after your feed finishes processing.  It displays errors for products that didn’t make it into the catalog (or made it in, but with warnings). To download this report, go to the Products tab in your seller account and select "Upload Product Ads."



The report is a tab-delimited text file you can open and read in a program such as Microsoft Excel or Notepad. Each row in your feed is referred to as a record. At the top of the processing report you see a summary of records that were or were not successfully processed. For example:

Feed Processing Summary:
Number of records processed: 1045
Number of records successful: 1030

If there are errors with individual records, you see the following information for each error:

Element Description


The record number in the original file you uploaded where the error occurred. The first two rows of your feed are not considered records. Therefore, an error in record one corresponds to line three in your template.


A number used by to identify the error message.


One of two values, error or warning. Warnings refer to data that was successfully processed, but might not appear as intended. Errors refer to data that is inadequate or flawed in some way that prevents the record from processing successfully.


A brief explanation of the error. The error message might suggest corrective measures.

For more help in correcting the errors you receive, please refer the Data Definitions tab in your product feed template, or search on "identifying errors and warnings" and "fixing errors" in Seller Central Help.

2. Product report: This report displays all products successfully processed, including both active and suspended skus. To request this report, go to the Products tab in your seller account and click "Download Product Report."

Depending on the number of skus you have uploaded, it can take up to 45 minutes to generate the report. Once the report is generated, click the "Download" button and save the tab-delimited .txt file to your computer. You can open the file using Excel or Notepad. For more information, search on "download product report" in Seller Central Help.

Performance reports

The following reports provide information on the performance of your ads:

  1. Performance Over Time:  Summarizes your clicks and spend over a specified time period.
  2. Performance By Category: Lists your click totals and costs by category.
  3. Performance By SKU: Provides Impressions, Clicks, and Spend for each of your products listed on

To learn more about these reports, search on "performance reports" in Seller Central Help.

To access these reports, go to the Reports tab in your seller account and click "Ad Performance."




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