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January 18, 2012

Get an "A" in Listing Textbooks 101

Back-to-school textbook season is a busy time of year! Save yourself the hassle of cancelled listings and returned orders by following a few basic rules when you list your textbooks.

List your textbook by ISBN, not by title

Avoid listing your textbook against the wrong detail page by using the ISBN and not the title. One title can have several editions, and each one could have a detail page in our catalog. You'll need to match the book to the exact ISBN, title, author, edition, binding, publisher, and publication date that is listed on the detail page. Even if the title and author of your book appear on a detail page, you will be listing the wrong edition or cover type if the ISBN of your book does not match the one on the page. Learn more about Listing Items.

Use the search fields on the main Textbooks store page on to find the right detail page for your textbook. If you search for your book's ISBN and don't find an exact match, you can create a new catalog page for your book (Pro Merchants only). If you are an Individual seller and cannot find a detail page for your book, you may not sell that book on

Describe your book accurately

Check each book you list for wear, such as marks, highlighting, worn binding or jackets, and so on. Use the listing comments to add notes about the book's condition. When you describe your book’s condition accurately, you reduce the chances of buyer disappointment and returns.

Don't list prohibited editions of textbooks

Most editions of textbooks are fine to sell on, but some are prohibited. For example, teacher's editions and international editions of textbooks are prohibited. Listings for prohibited textbook editions will be cancelled by Amazon and can result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges. Learn more about our Textbook Selling Policies.



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