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January 09, 2012

Important announcements for sellers: Where to find them

Occasionally we hear from sellers who aren't aware of an update for seller accounts, so here's a quick how-to for finding our announcements and technical notifications:

Announcements of changes

Scroll through the center section of your seller account home page to find the "Headlines" section, or just search (Ctrl/F) on "headlines" to get right to the announcements.

We leave most announcements up for two weeks, but for staying on top of the news, we recommend scanning the headlines for new announcements once or twice a day.

Technical notifications

If we have a technical issue to report, or if something else is happening that could affect sellers (extreme weather, for example), we post technical notifications near the top of your home page.

Checking for a technical notification can help you save time, sidestep worry, and take effective action in these and other types of situations: 

  • You experience a technical problem while using your seller account and you wonder if the problem is based in your seller account or in your own system
  • You hear of a situation that could affect shipping, and you wonder if Amazon has provided any related information

We update technical notifications as a situation changes, and we remove them when the issue is resolved.


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