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February 15, 2012

Learn the Basics of Buyer Feedback

Feedback is important to both sellers and buyers because it is a metric by which Amazon measures seller performance and a resource to buyers when making purchasing decisions.

Buyers can leave feedback for up to 90 days after their transaction. Once a buyer leaves feedback, it cannot be edited, but the buyer can remove it for up to 60 days. Learn more in our Buyer Help page on feedback.

You are allowed to contact buyers about their feedback. Remember, though, that ultimately it's the buyer's decision whether to give feedback, what kind of feedback to give, and whether they remove negative feedback. Respect their decision, and always be courteous in your communications.

To contact buyers, use the Feedback Manager tool in your seller account. You can also use this tool to leave a response on your own Seller Profile to feedback buyers have left.

In general, good feedback rewards sellers who:

  • list their products correctly (in the correct category, accurate condition notes, etc.)
  • communicate well with buyers (politely, proactively)
  • ship orders promptly (on time)

Remember, customers are more likely to purchase products from sellers with higher feedback ratings. In the long run, professionalism pays off.


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