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June 18, 2012

Good images help increase success

Last week we talked about how to use product descriptions to help customers make informed buying decisions. Product images are also very important to customers because they can help set your products apart from others in dozens of search results. You should use images that are easy to understand, attractively presented, and accurately represent the product.

Do's and Don’ts for Good Product Images

  • Do show only the product that is for sale.
  • Do use an image that clearly shows the product, filling 85% or more of the image space.
  • Do use a white background to optimize the customer’s ability to evaluate the product.
  • Do include additional images to help customers see different sides of a product, the product in use, or details that aren’t visible in the main product image.
  • Do not use sketches or drawings of the product.
  • Do not show accessories or props that are not included with the product.
  • Do not include logos or watermarks.

Examples of Good and Bad Product Images

Pack2._V196264733_       Pack1._V196264706_
The good image shows the product more clearly and avoids the logo.


Not_whitecn1._V195799568_       Not_whitecn2._V195799569_
The good image uses a while background.


Add_ob2._V196429621_       Add_ob1._V196429621_
The good image shows the main product without accessories that aren’t sold with the product.


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