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June 11, 2012

Help turn browsers into buyers with good product descriptions

If you're a professional seller on Amazon, you can create detail pages for products that don't already exist in the catalog. A well-written product description on the detail page helps potential buyers imagine the experience of owning or handling your product.

When writing a product description, put yourself in the customers' shoes: what would they want to feel, touch, think, and want?  Incorporating information about the feel, usage and benefits of your product can fire the customer's imagination. This is as close as you can get to creating an in-store experience.

Do's and Don'ts for Good Product Descriptions

  • Do describe the major product features and list product information including size, used-for and style
  • Do provide enough detail to make your product come to life, and include critical product information
  • Do include accurate dimensions, care instructions and warranty information
  • Do use correct grammar and complete sentences    
  • Do not include your seller name, e-mail address, website, or any company-specific information
  • Do not write about anything but the product for sale; this is your opportunity to tell the customer what they are buying
  • Do not include pricing or promotional language such as "sale" or "free shipping”
  • Do not repeat the “product feature” or “product title” as the “product description”

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