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June 25, 2012

Managing negative feedback from buyers

As a seller, some days it seems like all you get is complaints. People can be quick to gripe and slow to praise. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep calm, but even if the buyer comment is not courteous, replying in a similar manner can backfire and reflect badly on you.

If you receive a negative comment about your service, we encourage you to first contact the buyer. Listen politely to their issue and respond professionally. It may be worthwhile to offer some sort of consolation to resolve the issue, such as a refund of shipping costs if the buyer's feedback is about late delivery of an order.

Once you have contacted the buyer, if you are able to resolve the problem, carefully determine whether it's appropriate to ask them to remove their negative feedback. If they decline your request to remove their feedback, please respect their decision. You may ask a buyer remove feedback. However, you may not offer nor pay any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback. Pressuring a buyer to remove negative feedback is a violation of our policies.

If you work with a buyer to resolve a situation, but the buyer decides not to remove negative feedback, you may choose to post a response on the website. Explain how you worked to correct the problems. Your response won't change your feedback rating, but other customers will be able to read your explanation when they see the buyer's feedback. This reply is seen online, so carefully consider what you want to say before posting your side of the story. A poorly thought-out reply can reflect badly on you.

And finally, take time to learn from the experience. Did you make mistakes? Are there ways you can improve your business processes? In most cases, there's a lesson you can take away from the experience.


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