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August 23, 2012

Amazon Marketplace – Top Selling Textbooks

With the summer term over, textbook sellers are making plans to list and sell on Amazon Marketplace for the upcoming fall term. To help you decide which used and new textbooks to include for sale on the Amazon Marketplace, we are providing the following list of bestselling textbook titles.

These textbooks were the Top 100 textbooks sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers during the peak weeks of the Spring 2012 textbook season. Please remember that due to seasonality, books that are big sellers for the spring term (January 2012) may not be indicative of the books that will sell in the fall term (September 2012). Also, historical sales on Amazon Marketplace may not be indicative of future sales, as used textbooks have a limited lifespan.

When listing textbooks, it is important to note the publication date and edition. For the best buying experience, sellers should be careful to match the ISBN of the textbook they're listing to the exact detail page on Amazon.com to ensure that the title and edition are correct. Sellers should also note differences in cover art when checking for matches.

For example, one of the top selling textbooks on this spring's list, Understanding Business, is the 9th Edition published October 6, 2009, ISBN 0073511706. The 10th Edition of this textbook, ISBN 978-0073524597, was published on January 5, 2012. While older editions of this textbook have value and can be sold on Amazon Marketplace, demand for the most recent edition will likely increase. (You may notice that several of the top-selling textbooks on the Spring 2012 list have upgrade editions.)

For additional information on each title, click on the image to see the product detail page in the Amazon catalog.

The table below shows the top 10 bestselling textbook titles from Spring 2012.

Click on the following link to download a full table:

Top 100 Textbook ASINs - Spring 2012

For comparison to the earlier lists, click on the links below:
Top 100 Textbook ASINs - Fall 2011
Top 100 Textbook ASINs - Spring 2011

We hope that providing information about top-selling textbook titles will help sellers be more successful in the upcoming Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 textbook seasons. If you have feedback about this effort, feel free to write to textbook-selling@amazon.com.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.com.


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