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September 17, 2012

3 Ways to Simplify the Selling Life

We're all trying to find ways to spend our time more effectively, aren't we?

To that end, for me these three ultimate time savers have become indispensable:

  1. Regularly (couple times a day) scan the seller home page announcements to keep up to date on changes, technical issues, and other important information that might affect seller processes.

    Checking there first can save time if I encounter a technical problem while using my seller account. It might be a known issue and I can sidestep unnecessary anxiety and troubleshooting just by knowing what's going on.

  2. See what Amazon Selling Coach has to say, to learn which issues are most pressing for my particular seller account. The coach has recently been given a fresh look and is now front and center on the seller account home page.

    I find it helpful when I have a little time for account improvements but not enough time to research everything from scratch.

  3. Use feeds to manage inventory and orders.

    If you have a Pro Merchant subscription but have not yet used feeds, note that some setup is necessary. However, after initial setup, account management becomes simpler and far less time-consuming.*

    To learn more about feeds, search on "feed processing" or "template" in seller Help

After implementing more efficient processes, I can give some of the saved time to activities that have been on my list for a while, such as preparing better product images or reorganizing inventory (the actual physical kind, on the shelves).

But! Extra time also frees up moments for a walk to the park or just sitting outside for 20 minutes during these last days of summer. The choice is mine. And yours!

Without these efforts to use the most efficient processes, among other things I would still be entering listing information into my account. . . one. . . product. . . at. . . a. . . time.

* Next month: Benefits and basics of feeds


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