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September 25, 2012

Sending Successful Shipments to FBA

FBACarefully preparing your shipments for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can significantly reduce receiving time by eliminating problems that cause delays.
There are a number of ways you can increase the chances that your shipments will be received and processed quickly and without problems. Including the following in your shipment checklist can make a real difference:
Are the exact items in the shipment?
Make sure the items you are shipping match the items you have listed. There can often be a number of similar items in our catalog, so when you add a listing make sure you match the exact listing based on the UPC of the product you have in front of you. Don’t go only by the name. When we receive shipments, we scan the item UPCs. Also, if an item has multiple components, these should be bagged or boxed so that all components are sent as a single unit with a single UPC or sticker.

Did all items on the PO make it into the box?
The number of items sent to Amazon should be the same as the number on the PO. Substituting other items, adding additional items, or not including all items can increase receiving time. In some cases if the additional items cannot be shipped to customers from the FC (Fulfillment Center) that received the items, substantial delays can result because we have to ship the items to a different FC. If a manufacturer ships your items directly to Amazon, make sure the manufacturer sends the entire shipment, or adjust your PO to include only what the manufacturer is actually shipping.

Are only the actual products scannable?
When you package your items, make sure only the actual products have UPCs on them. Manufacturers sometimes put a UPC on a box containing the individual items, and this can lead to the box being scanned instead of the individual items. Make sure to cover all scannable barcodes on any boxes that are not part of the actual product packaging.

Are unit labels scannable?
Make sure all units have a legible UPC or sticker that can be scanned, and that they do not have multiple codes which could cause them to be incorrectly received. Common problems that can prevent stickered items from being scannable are ink smudges and low ink or toner levels.

Is the shipment free of hazardous items?
FBA cannot ship items which are classified as hazardous. This means we are not even able to ship hazardous items back to you; we must destroy them. Please search seller Help on "hazardous item restrictions" so you can review the restrictions and confirm that you are not shipping hazardous items to us.


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