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September 27, 2012

Whoops! New 2-hour grace period for refund mistakes

One of the reasons sellers contact Seller Support is because of refund mistakes. Occasionally, a seller refunds the wrong order or issues a full refund when they intended just a partial refund. We know that correcting mistakes like this can be tricky. As a result, we have just added a standard holding period for all refunds.

Now, when you generate a refund, it will sit in Pending status for up to 2 hours. This additional buffer gives you time to correct refund mistakes.

If everything is correct, no further action is needed on your part. But if you issue a refund by mistake or for the wrong amount, you have 2 hours in which to cancel it. After that 2-hour window has closed, we release the refund. It can no longer be cancelled.

Additionally, we notify the buyer only when the refund is actually released, so if make a mistake and correct while it's in Pending status, the buyer will never know.

For more information, search on "refunding orders" in seller Help.


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