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October 16, 2012

Out of stock? Use a Price & Quantity file to update your inventory fast

Thumbsup If you are on the Professional selling plan, you may use feeds (inventory files) to upload your inventory to Did you know that when you run out of stock of an item, you can use a simple Price & Quantity file to quickly modify the quantity of your listing?

A Price & Quantity file is the smallest file format with the fastest processing time. The only fields required in a Price & Quantity file are sku, price, quantity and leadtime-to-ship. When you’re temporarily out of stock of an item, just set the quantity for that SKU to zero and upload the file to Amazon. That’s it!

When you restock the product under the same SKU, you can use another Price & Quantity file to set the quantity to your on-hand quantity.

(We do not recommend deleting SKUs that are temporarily out of stock. You should use a product-specific feed to delete a SKU only if you do not plan to restock the item in the future.)

To download the Price & Quantity template, search on keywords "Price & Quantity" in Seller Help.

Not on the Professional selling plan? Learn more about the benefits of selling professionally on Amazon.


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