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November 22, 2010

Dealing with negative feedback

Leaf When you sell at Amazon.com, you should work with buyers to resolve any differences. Communication is usually the key--simply explaining a delay or reassuring a buyer puts most issues to rest. But sometimes an order results in the seller receiving negative feedback from the buyer.

If you receive a feedback comment that you are not happy with, we encourage you to contact your buyer, and work with them to resolve any order issues. Your buyer could then remove the feedback if they feel it would be appropriate.

If the buyer has indicated that they're willing to remove the feedback, here are simple instructions to give them. They are also available on our buyer Help page, Leaving Feedback.

  • Go to http://www.amazon.com/your-account
  • Under "Personalization," in the "Community" column, click "Seller Feedback Submitted By You."
  • A list of all of the feedback left by you will display. Click the "Remove" link next to the feedback would like to remove.

(If there is no "Remove" option next to a comment, this means the 60-day removal period has expired.)

Amazon will remove feedback only in the following cases:

  • The feedback includes obscene language.
  • The feedback includes personally identifiable information.
  • The entire feedback comment is a product review.
  • The entire feedback comment is regarding fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.

When you receive negative feedback, put it in perspective. A 0-2% negative feedback rate is great! If your negative feedback rate is greater than 5%, you may want to review your business practices. Remember that you can do a lot to avoid receiving negative feedback by providing great customer service!

November 17, 2010

Amazon Webstore Top 10 Merchandising Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including your customers. Use our list of 10 merchandising tips to make it easy for customers to navigate your site, view your best products and deals, and find all the information they need to make confident purchasing decisions.

Top 10 Holiday Merchandising Tips:  

1. Make a Good First Impression: Focus merchandising effort on your home page, key category pages, and other popular landing pages. Remember that slow page loads may drive customers away, so avoid heavy merchandising that slows these pages down.

2. Eliminate Clicks: Highlight your best sellers and deals on popular landing pages to reduce the number of clicks to see a buyable product.

3. Promote! Holiday shoppers expect deals. Free shipping options or promotions (like “free shipping on all orders over $100”) are always popular.  Increase your deal's visibility by featuring it on the home page and cart page if not site-wide. Dollars off, percentage off, and “buy x, get y” can also work well. Consider creating a “sale” category, then update it regularly and let customers know about it.  A regularly updated “deal of the day” can be another great way to keep customers coming back to your site.

4. Customers Shop by Price and Brand: Help shoppers find items in their price range by enabling filtering and sorting of search results by price. Brand specific pages and filtering search results by brand both help customers quickly find the products they want.

5. Visual Appeal Matters: Consider investing in high quality imagery and site design. Including video on your site (home, category, and product pages) can help boost conversion. Customers expect to find and purchase the items featured in merchandising imagery and videos, you can avoid customer frustration by only including products you sell and keep in stock!

6. Organization: Professional looking, well organized sites inspire confidence. Organize your products into clear and distinct main categories and consistent, well organized subcategories. Empty categories waste customers’ time and cause frustration, remove them from your site.

7. Reduce Scrolling: Keep critical site features and product information visible without scrolling.  This applies to search results, products on category pages, and the buy button, product images, and price information on product pages. Provide additional details lower on the page.

8. Clear Messaging: During the holidays customers are overwhelmed with messaging. Effective merchandising and promotional text is descriptive and accurate while being brief, to the point, and with a clear call to action. Keep things simple and easy to understand, avoid repetition and don’t mix messages.

9. Shipping: Fast shipping is always important, but especially during the holiday season; customers need to know their gifts will arrive on time. Eliminate this worry with clear, site-wide messaging around delivery timeframes, shipping cut-off dates, and contact information.

10. Returns: Returns are part of the holiday experience. Make sure your return policy is available on your website and very clear, especially about any limitations.

Happy Selling!

The Amazon WebStore Team

November 05, 2010

Are your account settings, account information, and policies up to date?

Leaf As a seller on Amazon, you have a lot going on during the holidays. Save yourself unnecessary future headaches by making sure the information on your seller account is current:

  • Make sure your e-mail contact information is up-to-date.
  • Confirm that Amazon e-mail is not being filtered as spam by your e-mail program or ISP.
  • Ensure your Seller Account Information is current, including your credit card and bank account numbers.
  • Verify that your Store Settings are up-to-date and post a customer service phone number if possible.
  • Be sure to follow policy by not displaying any portion or version of your URL (e.g.: .com, dot com, .net, etc.) anywhere on Amazon.

Learn more about settings and our selling and item policies.

October 20, 2010

Are you active on the Amazon MWS developer discussion forum?

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is Amazon’s newest platform for integrating with your Selling on Amazon business. Whether you are actively selling in the Amazon Marketplace, or you’re an Amazon Product Ads seller, or you are busy with your Amazon WebStore, or you’re a professional developer who is creating applications for these sellers, sometimes you have questions about the best way to use Amazon MWS, or possibly you have insights that you’d like to share with other Amazon MWS developers.

The Amazon MWS developer discussion forum at http://www.amazonsellercommunity.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=43&start=0 is a busy place. You can search the forum to see if others have already asked and answered the same questions you have. For example, if you’re seeing unfamiliar errors being returned, you can search on the error, or the API method, and see how others have solved the issue.

If you regularly visit the Amazon MWS discussion forum, you will see announcements that are posted about new Amazon MWS functionality when it becomes available, and other announcements that are important to your business. By becoming actively involved in the forum, you can learn from other developers and help to contribute to improvements to Amazon MWS by posting feedback about new features and functionality. Come and help us grow the Amazon MWS developer community!

September 21, 2010

The holiday season is just around the corner and it is time to get ready!

For many Amazon WebStore sellers, holiday sales can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful year.

Follow these 10 steps to online retail success during this busy time:

1. Make sure your catalog is in tip-top shape and have your inventory ready to go. This is always important but even more so during the holidays when the competition is especially fierce. Providing customers with rich product information (descriptions, swatches and multiple alternate product images) makes their purchasing decisions easier.

2. Ramp up your fulfillment and customer service teams. Meeting your delivery promises is always important, but especially during the holidays. Customers will remember a great customer experience, and the holidays are a chance to impress new customers and create repeat buyers. Consider using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for high volume, fast moving items.

3. Think through your holiday calendar. When are you going to send your Black Friday promotion? When are your shipping cut-off dates? Work back from your shipping vendor’s dates and think about your shipping backlog. Don’t forget to factor in gift wrapping time!

4. List your products where customers can find them. The holidays are a great time to sell on Amazon and on comparison shopping engines.

5. Get the word out! Reach out to your social networks and e-mail list; start generating buzz about your holiday offerings.

6. Offer free shipping. This is another item that is always important but is absolutely required to compete for gift shoppers.

7. Update your merchandising. Provide gift guides and promote them across your site. Make it easy for shoppers to navigate and find holiday specials, sale items, top sellers, and items in their price range. Make sure your shipping and return policies are easy to find throughout your site (not just on your home page) and include cutoff dates for holiday delivery. Remove empty categories and provide options (like top sellers) on the empty search results page.

8. Millions of shoppers create and share wish lists on Amazon. Add the Universal Wish List button to your product pages to get more eyes on your product and motivated shoppers to your site.

9. Get ready to promote! Shoppers always want a deal and your competition will be offering discounts and other special offers. You need to compete.

10. Get your servers tuned and ready for more traffic?!? Don’t worry, we have that covered for you!

The Amazon WebStore Team

August 11, 2010

How can you use Amazon MWS in multiple Amazon Marketplaces?

Because you can use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) to integrate your Amazon selling business in the U.S. as well as in EU and Japan, it can be difficult to know just how to go about the registration process to make sure your registration is valid for the correct Amazon Marketplace. 

It’s important to know that you need to register a U.S. Amazon seller account on the U.S. Amazon MWS portal, a JP Amazon seller account on the Japanese Amazon MWS portal, and a French, German, or UK Amazon seller account on one of the EU Amazon MWS portals. Each registration will provide you with a unique set of credentials to use when sending Amazon MWS requests.

First, it’s helpful to know the credentials you need in order to send successful Amazon MWS requests. When you register for Amazon MWS you are issued a pair of developer credentials, which you need to make successful requests to Amazon MWS, as well as a developer account identifier, which is necessary for you to retain for future use. On the final page of the Amazon MWS registration process, the developer credentials and the developer account identifier are displayed. You should save these so you have access to them for future reference. You’ll also see the Merchant ID and the Marketplace ID, which correspond to the Amazon account that you logged in with when you began the registration process.

You can find additional information about the Amazon MWS credentials in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide here: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/mws/doc/en_GB/bde/feeds/v20090901/devGuide/index.html. The Japanese version of the Amazon MWS Developer Guide is available here: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.jp/gp/mws/api.html?group=bde&section=feeds&version=latest.

If you have a Pro Merchant Selling on Amazon account in the U.S. (or an Amazon WebStore or Amazon Product Ads account) you can go to http://developer.amazonservices.com and register to use Amazon MWS. Click the Sign up for MWS button and then log into the Amazon account that you want to use with Amazon MWS. Make sure to choose the option I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS. On the final registration page you’ll see all the credentials you need for Amazon MWS requests.

For an Amazon account in Japan, go to http://developer.amazonservices.jp and register to use Amazon MWS with your Amazon.co.jp seller account.

For an Amazon account in the EU (regardless of whether you sell on Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.de, or Amazon.fr) you can go to any of the Amazon MWS portals to register:

· UK: http://developer.amazonservices.uk

· Germany: http://developer.amazonservices.de

· France: http://developer.amazonservices.fr

When you sign into the registration process on one of the EU Amazon MWS portals, the login information you use (email address and password) will determine which Amazon MWS portal you’re directed to. Complete the Amazon MWS registration process for each Amazon seller account that you want to use for MWS, and make sure to retain the credentials that are displayed on the final page of the registration. If you lose these credentials, you can go through the registration process again, where the same credentials will again be displayed on the final page.

August 04, 2010

How are you using Amazon MWS?

If you are an Amazon seller with a Pro Merchant account, or you are an Amazon WebStore seller or an Amazon Product Ads seller, you can use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) to integrate your Amazon business with your existing business processes and applications.

The Amazon MWS developer forum is a thriving group of active developers who would appreciate your participation. A forum only becomes a great forum with collaboration among members. You can search for questions and help other members, or post questions of your own. The Amazon MWS developer forum is located at: http://www.amazonsellercommunity.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=43.

We'd love to hear how you have integrated your business with Amazon MWS. What programming language you're using, if you overcame any obstacles, new ideas you implemented, anything you'd like to share with the Amazon MWS developer community. You can post your questions, tips, and tricks to the Amazon MWS developer forum, or comment to this post. Also, please let us know if you'd like to contribute a guest blog by commenting to this post. In short, we want to hear from the developer community about how you’re building applications using Amazon MWS.

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