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April 18, 2011

Refunding orders: full or partial refunds

When you want to issue a refund for an order there are several options: full refund, partial refund, and refund concessions.

Which one you choose depends on why you are refunding and how much you want to refund.

To start any kind of refund, the order must have already had the shipment confirmed. If it is not confirmed and you will not ship the item, you can cancel the order and the buyer will not be charged, therefore no refund will be necessary. If the order was confirmed you can proceed with these steps:

1.    Log in to your seller account
2.    Go to your orders section and bring up the details of the specific order you want to refund
3.    Click the "Refund order" button on the Order Details page

To proceed with a Full refund, once you have followed the first three steps above, you would use the default page that comes up when you click "Refund order."

4.    Choose the reason for the refund
You will see several options in the drop-down, choose the most appropriate one.
5.    Write a note to the buyer in the "Memo to buyer" field
While this is optional, a personally written note provides a good customer experience
6.    Click the "Submit Full Refund" button

By following those steps you will have refunded the item and shipping amount.

To proceed with a Partial refund, once you have followed the first three steps above, follow these steps:

4.    Click the Partial Refund tab, which is under the order ID
5.    If the item is listed by name only, click the check box for the item being refunded on the right hand side; if the item details are displayed, proceed to the next step
6.    Select the "Reason for refund" from the drop-down
7.    Enter the "Amount to refund" for the Product or the Shipping or both
8.    Write a note to the buyer in the "Memo to buyer" field
While this is optional, a personally written note provides a good customer experience
9.    Click the "Submit Partial Refund" button

You do not need to enter any information in the two concession fields for either type of refund if you do not want to. A concession is an amount you can refund aside from or in addition to refunding basic order costs. More information about concessions can be found in the Help section in your seller account by searching on the word "concession."

March 28, 2011

Reason for cancellation - inside cancelling an order

If you find you are unable to fulfill an order or any portion of an order before it has been confirmed, it will be necessary to cancel the order. When cancelling an order, you will be asked to provide a “Reason for Cancellation.” It's important to select an appropriate reason code because it will have an impact on your inventory counts. When a buyer places an order, a reserve is placed on the associated SKU and the inventory count is decremented. If the buyer contacts you and asks you to cancel their order, selecting “Buyer Cancelled” as a reason code will automatically restore the inventory and make the item available for another buyer to purchase.

However, if you are unable to fulfill the item for lack of inventory, selecting “No Inventory” as a reason code will prevent the inventory count from being restored.

Reason for Cancellation & Inventory Impact

The following “Reason Codes” are available when cancelling orders and the associated inventory impact is listed after each.


February 07, 2011

3 Important Steps to a Great Buyer Experience

A buyer who is happy with your products and service is unlikely to leave negative feedback or file an A-to-z Guarantee claim.

Three important steps increase the chances of a great buyer experience:

  1. Ship exactly what the buyer ordered.
    ♦ The buyer searched and browsed and shopped and considered, and found your listing and liked it!
    ♦ Don't disappoint the buyer by sending a slightly different item.

  2. Ship the order on time.
    ♦ We all want what we want when we want it.

  3. Confirm the shipment.
    ♦ Don't let the buyer fret the delivery. After you confirm the shipment, we tell the buyer it's on its way (and we also process the payment).
    ♦ For more information, search on "confirm shipment" in seller Help.


January 24, 2011

Am I required to include tracking information?

Shipping Delivery confirmation or tracking information, while not required, is beneficial to buyers. Including tracking information for your shipments can help buyers verify the status of their packages and anticipate the delivery of their items. If you use tracking information, be sure to enter it when confirming the shipment of your items.



Signature confirmation is encouraged for high-value items because it helps verify the items reached the buyer. If an A-to-z Guarantee claim is filed for non-receipt, and signature confirmation verifies your item was delivered to the buyer or another recipient on behalf of the buyer, the A-to-z Guarantee team may deny the claim.

November 24, 2010

Getting Paid - How It Works

Leaf The item has been received, the buyer is totally happy and the only thing left is to get paid! How does this work?

Have you entered the information for a valid U.S. bank checking account into your seller account?

Amazon transfers funds from your sales directly to the bank account you specify in your seller account. If you enter your checking account information too late (less than 24 hours before your first scheduled disbursement) it can delay getting your funds for another 14 days. We suggest entering it in when you first set up your account, or before you list your first item.

How and when do I get paid?

After you first register to sell on Amazon, we let the funds from your sales accumulate for the first 14 days. At the end of this time, we settle your account – i.e., subtract our fees and shuffle the rest of the funds off to you via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer to your checking account. This is your first disbursement. After this, disbursements will occur automatically every 14 days.

Disbursements usually appear in your checking account within 3-5 business days. Note that for a disbursement to take place, you must have a positive balance. Amazon fees and customer refunds, if any, can affect your balance.

How do I know I have been paid?

Your settlements can viewed in the Payments account section of your seller account at any time.

Why didn't I get paid?

There are several reasons why you might not have been paid:

  • You recently began selling on Amazon.com and your first 14-day settlement period has not concluded.
  • Your first settlement period has concluded but you do not have a positive account balance.
  • You have not yet entered your bank account information.
  • The bank account information you entered is incorrect. Contact your bank to confirm the checking account number and ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) routing number.
  • You entered debit card information instead of checking account information. A checking account with an ACH routing number is required for seller disbursements.
  • Your bank does not accept ACH transfers. Contact your bank to confirm that they accept ACH transfers. If they don't, provide a checking account from a bank that accepts ACH transfers.
  • Your bank is outside the United States. A checking account in a US-based bank is required for seller disbursements.
  • The bank account is now closed. Contact your bank to obtain the checking account number and ACH routing number for your new bank account.

November 18, 2010

Manage your orders effectively

Leaf Order volumes can increase rapidly during the holidays. To manage your orders effectively, use the tools in your selling account and follow some suggested "best practices":

  • Don't rely solely on "Sold, ship now" e-mails to let you know you have new orders. The Manage Orders tool in your account provides up-to-the minute views of orders.
  • The Manage Orders tool gives you lots of information about orders, including buyer name and shipping address.
  • If you need to refund an order, do so promptly. You can make refunds through the Manage Orders tool.
  • If you have a Pro Merchant subscription, you can download Inventory Reports to help you track open listings, sold items, order fulfillment (items sold and paid via Marketplace Payments), and listings cancelled by Amazon.
  • Get in the habit of shipping your orders right away. You’ll have more time to resolve any problems that might arise.

August 20, 2010

Getting started with Amazon Marketplace Shipping Service

Shipping_med Amazon Marketplace Shipping Service has launched and is ready for use! You may now purchase and print shipping labels for your orders through the convenience of your Seller Account. With free carrier pick up, you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to sell with Amazon. This new and exciting feature can be found in your Seller Account on the Order Detail page. 

Here are some helpful tips to remember to get the most out of your Amazon Marketplace Shipping Service:   

  • Labels can be reprinted up to 48 hours after purchase 
  • Refunds must be requested within 48 hours of purchase
  • You may purchase up to $5000 worth of insurance through Stamps.com
  • Ensure that you have the accurate weight for all items at time of purchase
  • Express Mail receives $100 worth of insurance at no extra charge
  • Only postage with Delivery Confirmation is eligible for refund
  • There are no recurring fees for Amazon Marketplace Shipping Service
  • Transactions fees are waived for Stamps.com subscribers
  • Free Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail

- Chris M

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