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April 29, 2013

Use Amazon Selling Coach to help increase your selling success

You may be wondering how to increase your sales on Amazon.com. If you are on the Professional selling plan, you can use the Amazon Selling Coach to see valuable information about your products and listings:

  • Inventory that is low or out-of-stock
  • Products that our customers are searching for that you may also want to offer
  • Products that may benefit from Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Products that match yours, but are being listed by other sellers at a lower price
  • Listings that are missing important information

Amazon Selling Coach is updated periodically, so check frequently for new alerts about potential opportunities.

After you have tried the Amazon Selling Coach, please send us feedback by clicking the “Tell us what you think of this new feature” link.

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received so far. Sellers have told us:

“Fantastic!!! Now I never have to worry about my best sellers running out of stock without me knowing!! THANK YOU!!”

“[The Coach] is easy to comprehend. I like seeing what customers look at before deciding to purchase my products.”

To learn more, search for “Amazon Selling Coach” in seller Help.

If you are on the Individual selling plan and would like to learn more about the Professional selling plan, search for “selling plan” in seller Help.

April 22, 2013

Use your Google Shopping file to sell on Amazon.com

If you have a tab delimited file in the format you use for Google Shopping, you can upload this file to your seller account to list products for sale on Amazon.com. Amazon's listing requirements (e.g., data and image quality) apply to the products that you list.

We currently support the following categories, as specified in the google_product_type field in the file you use for Google Shopping:

  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Cases
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone SIM Cards
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Stands
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Feature Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Smartphones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Watch Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Satellite Phones

For more information, search for “Google Shopping” in Seller Central Help.

September 10, 2012

Join Our Holiday Selling Webinar on Sept. 26

Are you ready for the holidays? Join Amazon Marketplace experts for a 45-minute holiday selling webinar. Our experts will offer tips to help you have a successful holiday season selling on Amazon.


  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) tips and deadlines
  • Shipping best practices
  • Listing quality and key search terms
  • Product and brand opportunities with Amazon Selling Coach
  • Key customer performance metrics
  • Guidelines for selling in the Toys & Games category

The webinar will be broadcast at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. ET) on Wednesday, September 26.

To register for the webinar, contact marketplace-webinars@amazon.com

June 11, 2012

Help turn browsers into buyers with good product descriptions

If you're a professional seller on Amazon, you can create detail pages for products that don't already exist in the Amazon.com catalog. A well-written product description on the detail page helps potential buyers imagine the experience of owning or handling your product.

When writing a product description, put yourself in the customers' shoes: what would they want to feel, touch, think, and want?  Incorporating information about the feel, usage and benefits of your product can fire the customer's imagination. This is as close as you can get to creating an in-store experience.

Do's and Don'ts for Good Product Descriptions

  • Do describe the major product features and list product information including size, used-for and style
  • Do provide enough detail to make your product come to life, and include critical product information
  • Do include accurate dimensions, care instructions and warranty information
  • Do use correct grammar and complete sentences    
  • Do not include your seller name, e-mail address, website, or any company-specific information
  • Do not write about anything but the product for sale; this is your opportunity to tell the customer what they are buying
  • Do not include pricing or promotional language such as "sale" or "free shipping”
  • Do not repeat the “product feature” or “product title” as the “product description”

Learn more about selling professionally on Amazon.com.

December 01, 2011

Webstore Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including your customers. Use our list of tips to make it easy for customers to find your products and site, view your best deals, and find all the information they need to make confident purchasing decisions.

Holiday Selling Tips:

  1. Get the word out! Reach out to your social networks and e-mail list; generate buzz about your holiday offerings.
  2. Make your products easy to find: The holidays are a great time to sell on Amazon and comparison shopping engines, Amazon Webstore makes both easy!
  3. Promote! Holiday shoppers expect deals. Free shipping options or promotions (like “free shipping on all orders over $100”) are always popular. Dollars off, percentage off, and “buy x, get y” can also work well. Highlight your best deals on your home page and other popular landing pages if not site-wide. A regularly updated “deal of the day” or “sale” category are great ways to keep customers coming back to your site.
  4. Make a good first impression: Focus your merchandising efforts on making your home page, key category pages, and other popular landing pages look great. Slow pages drive customers away, so avoid heavy merchandising that slows key pages down.
  5. Clear messaging: During the holidays customers are overwhelmed with messaging. Effective merchandising and promotional text is descriptive and accurate while being brief, to the point, and with a clear call to action. Keep things simple and easy to understand, avoid repetition, and don’t mix messages.
  6. Offer fast and free shipping: Fast shipping and free shipping are always important, but especially during the holiday season. Eliminate shipping cost from the buying decision by making it free. Customers need to know their gifts will arrive on time. Provide clear, site-wide messaging around delivery timeframes, shipping cut-off dates, and contact information.
  7. Returns: Returns are part of the holiday experience. Make sure your return policy is available on your website and very clear, especially about any limitations.
  8. Get your servers tuned and ready for more traffic?!? Don’t worry, we have that covered for you!

Happy Selling!

The Amazon Webstore Team

November 22, 2011

Listing tips to help buyers find your products

Categorize Products Accurately

  • If a product type or subcategory is incorrect, the item may be unsearchable or can be placed into the Everything Else category.
  • For Pro Merchants: make sure item-type-keyword values are correct and only use lower-case letters and dashes.
  • When in doubt, search for existing products on Amazon.com to help guide how your item is popularly categorized.

Professional Product Titles

  • Keep your titles tidy and maintain the continuity of Amazon.com sold items with crisp, professional product titles.
  • Avoid providing gimmicky terms like "super”, “cheap" or "quality" unless it is part of the trade name.
  • Remember that in a catalog of over 90 million items, including the unique and specific language of your product into your keywords can help your product stand out.
  • Good images are important. Let your product image entice customers.
  • Keep less essential information within the product description and bullet points.

Brand uniformity

  • When entering the brand, keep it accurate to the brand of the product, keep spelling consistent and exactly as the manufacturer has it, and keep capitalization uniform. This assists in better brand browsing within the site.
  • Avoid using trademark symbols, and use the word “and” instead of “&” (ampersand character) when possible.

August 15, 2011

Amazon Product Ads: Placement

Product Ads can display your products to millions of customers: those who look specifically for your kind of product on relevant pages, and those who do not have a particular product in mind.


We place an ad based on features the advertised product shares with other products in its category, and we use two ad placement approaches.


We use targeted placement when we determine that an advertised product is identical, similar, or complimentary to a product in the Amazon.com catalog. We display the product's ad on the detail page of the related product, in the "Product Ads on External Websites" section.


Though you cannot specify related products, the more descriptive your product titles and category information are, the more accurately we can identify product relationships.


Here is an example of a targeted ad:



We create a new detail page if we determine that your product is unique in our catalog.

Customers will be able to find the ads using search or browse, or in the "Product Ads on External Websites" and "Buy Box" sections of detail pages, or on "Read all Product Reviews" pages. Customers can view a product's details on Amazon.com or they can click the link to go directly to your Website to purchase the product.

We encourage you to provide UPCs for your products so we can quickly determine whether your product is unique in the Amazon.com catalog.


Here is an example of an ad for a product that is unique in our catalog:




If you have a Product Ads account, for more information search on "placement" in seller Help.

If you do not have a Product Ads account, for more information about this program, search on "product ads" in seller Help.

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