About Cathi

I am the Manager for Seller Experience at Amazon.com and enjoy spending time with my husband for the other half of my life.

Interests: My latest fascination is my Kindle because it has made reading more enjoyable than I thought possible from an electronic device, and I love sharing the concept with anyone who asks. I would travel the world if I could, but substitute with enjoying art, food, tasty beverages, reading, decorating, and gardening with a global flair. I have a side passion for research and information gathering that led to private investigation training – able to do some heavy due diligence! All in all, I love a good story wherever it can be found, and all the worldly trappings that go with.

As a prior business owner (landscaping), I understand the interests of our sellers. As a prior computer programmer, with my first program on paper tape that can probably only be read by machines in the Smithsonian, I expect computers to be as easy as using a pencil soon. As a prior non-profit leader, I understand the value of volunteers and donors in our society. As a former technology program manager, I live for follow-through. And every spring, when the gardening beckons, I return to my first love and first vocation – horticulture. My current vocational passion is for change management and cross-team communication. My personal passion is for my husband and our life outside work. And my secret desire is to someday have a novel to write.

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